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PODCAST PALOOZA PLAYBACK: Data Visualization That Empowers Better Presentations!

PODCAST PALOOZA PLAYBACK: Data Visualization That Empowers Better Presentations!

Account Team member, Sandra Todic, was among the presenters in this week’s Podcast Palooza. She discussed her favorite points from the podcast Present Beyond Measure Episode 034: Deeply Connecting with your data presentation audience with Allison Hartsoe, a celebrated speaker in the digital analytics industry. In this episode, she shares her unique talent for navigating the intersection between presenting data, storytelling, and connecting with her audiences. The goal is to empower you with the tools you need to deliver data visualizations and presentations with more passion, focus and maximum impact.


Use real-life analogies to help explain complex concepts.

For example, she explains the difference between the aggregate vs specifics targeting using a grocery story analogy: You can walk into a grocery store and put everything you want in the cart, but that does not mean that you will make something good. But if you come in the store with a Top Chef recipe and use only those specific ingredients – you’ll have something good here.

Use social proof to encourage the audience to let down their guards and gain their trust.

For example, try using third party sources that you’ll know will resonate well with clients, such as Forbes, studies, or customer quotes. Craft a story around that customer quote or data, evaluate potential financial impact and understand customer lifetime value.

Pay attention to your and your client’s body language.

When talking or listening to the client, turn your whole body towards them, not just tilt your head. You want them to know that you’re fully invested in the topic.

Use humor to keep your audience engaged.

She uses humor at set intervals (after 7 minutes, like a TV sitcom) to help her audience stay engaged and focused.

Avoid data puke.

Focus on three main ideas instead of presenting a bunch of numbers. Make sure that clients know what metrics are relevant. But, what to do with clients who want to see everything? Plus, you also want to express transparency. Well, Alison says that, if the client wants to see everything that usually means they do not trust you and want to make their own conclusions with the data provided.

Do a pre-meeting meeting.

She builds rapport within her presentation to help her audience find similarities and connect with her message. Guided with thinking that “They will hear you better if they like you”, you should find commonalities and build upon those. Find an advocate in a group, a high-level title that’s on your side, who can help gain trust of others.

At AMS, we have a weekly tradition: Podcast Palooza. Once a week, we all gather in our conference room and listen to a few of our colleagues present on podcast episodes. They share their reactions and takeaways from their podcast of choice and offer ideas on how it can be applied to our clients and our own company. It’s a small part of the week, but one that consolidates our internal brand as a company that participates in wider conversations, and that listens to the ideas of its employees.

We are always on the lookout for innovative, charismatic thinkers, so send your podcast recommendations our way!

Listen to the the full episode here: Present Beyond Measure, Episode 034: Deeply Connecting with your data presentation audience with Allison Hartsoe

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