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Your Brain Can’t Really Multitask

Your Brain Can’t Really Multitask

Account Team member, Deanna Leon, was among the presenters in this week’s Podcast Palooza. She enthusiastically broke down her favorite points from The People & Projects – The Myth of Multitasking. The team found it intriguing that, your brain can’t really multitask – it’s really switch-tasking. Multitasking has become our culture, and a hazard.

Each switch in attention incurs a switching cost, which includes a loss of time, decrease in performance and an increase in stress level.


• Attempting to do multiple attention-requiring tasks at the same time.

• Performing a task while something mindless or mundane occurs in the background.

Examples include delegating tasks to employees while you work on more valuable activities, putting a machine to work on a large job while you answer emails, and exercising while you listen to music.


• Try turning off you email notifications

• Delegate tasks

• Limit switch-tasking and you will accomplish more!

At AMS, we have a weekly tradition: Podcast Palooza. Once a week, we all gather in our conference room and listen to a few of our colleagues present on podcast episodes. They share their reactions and takeaways from their podcast of choice and offer ideas on how it can be applied to our clients and our own company. It’s a small part of the week, but one that consolidates our internal brand as a company that participates in wider conversations, and that listens to the ideas of its employees.

We are always on the lookout for innovative, charismatic thinkers, so send your podcast recommendations our way!

Listen to podcast: Andy Coffman & Dave Crenshaw: The People & Projects-The Myth of Multitasking

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