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Generate Automotive Leads On Facebook: What’s New And What Works?

Generate automotive leads on Facebook: What’s new and what works?

Any marketer not living under a rock can tell you the benefits of social media for any marketing plan. But are you sure you know the latest and greatest ways to reach the Facebook audience? Facebook is constantly updating and changing and you need to be hyper vigilant to cash in on the new offerings.

Why use Facebook for automotive industry?

1.49 billion people visit Facebook every day, Instagram has 1 billion active users, and they spend 1 in 4 minutes on mobile on these platforms. And get this, 59% said they were influenced by Instagram in an auto purchase!

What’s new?

In 2018 Facebook has launched interesting automotive products, including:
– Lead Ads (lead capture now has high-intent lead forms, plus CTA is included on more ad formats)
– Dynamic Inventory
– Marketplace
– Messenger

Facebook rolled out a whole suite of new pixel events to help build audiences and track website conversions. One of the conversions that’s useful for automotive results is store visits, where Facebook serves the ad to people more likely to visit the dealership. This feature is still is beta and not opened to everyone yet, but if your dealership has multiple locations you qualify to optimize for store visits reach!
Moreover, new creative formats include cinemagraphs, collection ads, vertical video and square images on Facebook.

What works?

1. Leverage pixel data and customer database
With Facebook removing some behavioral targeting, such as in-market audience, marketers must get creative with building in-market audience by using pixel data and engagement.

2. Follow the funnel! A successful Facebook strategy should touch on all purchase stages, such as:
– Awareness
– Consideration
– Purchase
– Retention
– Advocacy

3. Measure and optimize everything!

Not sure what some of these new formats are or why they are so effective? Not measuring or optimizing your current social program? Or are you looking to sharpen your marketing tactics on Facebook and other social networks? Give us a call for a free social media consultation!

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