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The Power Of Micro-Influencers

The Power of Micro-Influencers

Up until recently (it is no denying) we could not stop speaking about the power of top tier celebrity influencers and the large following that they have behind them. Both brands and followers were excited to see the longevity and the growth of these powerhouse influencers. Brands and followers were ecstatic with the wide range of topics in which influencers submerged themselves in daily, such as: beauty and fashion, health and wellness, to even sports. This meant that we as followers had the ability to follow those accounts with the most interesting and picturesque profiles that relatively seemed the closest to our own interests. As for businesses, they saw a window of opportunity to market their products according to their product category.

Nonetheless, 2018 has been the year in which micro-influencers have had all eyes on them. Not only due to their smaller following, as many of these influencers only count with followings from 1,000 to 100,000, but the presence they have with their followers. They are most definitely changing how brands and followers immerse themselves to the influencer’s online community.

As a brand, a follower or even just a consumer, you may ask yourself how are these micro-influencers important? Will they make an impact with my business or in my every day life?

Examples of Micro-Influencers

Grace Abbott, otherwise know as @agraceabott on Instagram, shares daily inspiration in addition to sponsored content and giveaways. Grace Abbott counts with a following of only 10,000, yet her online community is very responsive and constantly attracts brands to sponsor her content.

Grace Abbott micro-Influencer

Another example is Ruby Keyvani, a San Diego based blogger known for her fashion, beauty, and travel inspiration. She is known as @thatgemruby and counts with over 30,000 followers. She shares her love for fashion while posing in front of scenic backgrounds from around the world.

Ruby Keyvani micro-Influencer

It is without a doubt that these micro-influencers are making a wave into our feeds due to their smaller accounts, but inclusive and family oriented communities.

Many of these influencers market themselves for who they really are, an everyday consumer, and share their knowledge on product usage. Due to their communicative audiences, it is easy to immerse yourself seamlessly, without doubting if their opinions on a product are deceitful. Businesses in exchange benefit from the niche communities that many of these micro influencers have created for themselves. Micro-influencers create a rather positive outcome to businesses seeking to grow awareness of their brand. However, these influencers also create challenges to businesses.

Positive Partnership Effects with Micro-Influencers

There are many positive results, with creating business partnerships with Micro-influencers. They deliver higher levels of engagement, up to 60% higher, they are less expensive, and they drive online buzz, as noted by Adweek and Hello Society. Their perpetual ability to share their likes and dislikes on a daily basis creates an atmosphere of sincerity. This allows brands to make them advocates, as they have proven the ability to include a product simultaneously without being asked to do so prior.

Instagram Micro-Influencers


They have higher engagement levels within their local community, and as a result they constantly receive likes and comments. Data from the Markerly has shown that micro-influencers with a following between 10k and 100k achieve the best engagement and reach. Statistically speaking they create a better response within their community than macro-influencers with millions of followers. This is thought to happen, as macro-influencers with followings of over 1 million begin to loose engagement the more their following grows.

Additionally, brands working with micro-influencers will notice how effective and inexpensive it is to work with micro-influencers, just a fraction of the cost per sponsored post.

Challenges Faced with Micro-Influencers

With all the power that micro-influencers bring, they also bring a few challenges when it comes to finding the perfect micro-influencers to represent a brand. This is not due to their smaller following, but with the community they connect with. Businesses have realized that selecting top-tier influencers to represent their brand was hard enough, however, searching for micro-influencers with a devoted community and a consistent interest in the brand is difficult.

Standing behind a micro-influencer and their devoted audience is the entire purpose for creating a brand partnership. Nonetheless, businesses have become weary of implementing unique business strategies to achieve a successful ongoing campaign. For instance, brands have begun approaching the following strategies to face these oncoming challenges:

  1. Creating a campaign with five to ten micro-influencers to reach a larger audience.
  2. Partnering multiple times with the same micro-influencers to achieve brand consistency and awareness.
  3. Asking micro-influencers to create unique stories when showcasing their brand-partnership, as product placement is not sufficient.

This in turn, requires micro-influencers to be extraordinarily creative and detail oriented with the creative work presented to both brands and their followers.

Micro-Influencers are a Marketing Success

As we have come to understand, micro-influencers are making a difference with their smaller accounts and their engaging online communities. They have proven the power of relentless inclusivity to create consumer engagement and business partnerships. In addition, marketers have taken a closer look at influencer marketing as a business strategy. Influential marketing has become enticing due to the success that comes with micro-influential campaigning.

Although, micro-influencers do pose challenges when partnering with businesses and their brand, the success that they deliver is tremendous. The concept of engaging multiple micro-influencer communities through campaigns and partnerships has generated higher awareness levels. As long as businesses and marketers working with micro-influencers approach strategic marketing implementations they will create a successful level of exposure across all channels.

Next time think twice about the term “influencers,” as micro-influencers are catching our attention and are no longer only buzz. We would love to help you find local micro-influencers to help your brand be a part of an inclusive online community and further your reach naturally by building trust and building relationships. Hit us up today for a free consultation!

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