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EP.22 – Shaping Your Customer Experience Using Technology and Leadership with Subi Ghosh

We had such an enlightening conversation with Subi about her digital marketing career and how leadership and training can build stronger sales teams that are equipped to respond successfully to today’s changing retail environment. A founding member of Women in Automotive, Subi is passionate about moving the industry forward by actively participating, challenging, and educating dealers on elevating culture, internal procedures, and the consumer experience.

Subi tells us about her journey working in automotive dealerships with positions as Internet Director and Director of Sales and E-Commerce; and how this valuable in-house experience helped her transition to a consultant on the vendor side. In her current position with Stream Companies, she is responsible for delivering products and services that help simplify data and turn intricate targeting segmentation into branding and marketing strategies for measurable results.

Subi believes in giving back, and she shares inspirational personal growth stories about how she went from being shy and content to finding her voice and power and how she learned to tune out the noise and rise above the chatter.

Subi Fernando Ghosh Senior Director of Dealer Strategy Stream Companies

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • How using data poorly can turn the consumer off and negate the power of technology
  • Why your company’s culture is costing you sales, what leaders need to know
  • Social & viral campaigns from successful brands that challenge like @wendys
  • How social media is flipping the sales process on its head and how to adjust to the change
  • The energy of a movement that is infusing diversity, opportunity, and fresh ideas into a male-dominated industry
  • The right questions leaders need to ask and how to courageously act upon the answers
  • How your region, your market, your people, and your customers are defining your brand
  • How to go from pizza and rah-rah to a real company culture that affects sales
  • Understanding search patterns for better customer engagement
  • How setting intentions and themes for the year can help you channel energy and resources

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