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Why You Need 3 Different Instagram Strategies!

Why You Need 3 Different Instagram Strategies!

Account Team member, Sean Donoghue, was among the presenters in this week’s Podcast Palooza. He enthusiastically broke down his favorite points from Social Pros Podcast – Why You Need 3 Different Instagram Strategies. Hosted by Jay Baer and Adam Brown, this episode’s quest was Jenn Herman, a social media consultant and Trainer at Jenn’s Trends. This episode is all about creating a successful Instagram for your business.

There are so many little tips and tricks for Instagram whether it’s content, hashtags, or saturation, almost anything within the Instagram app! Jenn was one of the first ever “Instagram Bloggers” and has been working in the app since the very beginning, so she knows a thing or two about Instagram. She believes that the best traffic comes from Instagram because the bounce rate is so low. Jenn talks about having a separate strategy for IGTV, stories, and the regular posts.

Here are Sean’s 5 key takeaways from this episode:


Mainly because it requires you to do so much to click on that one link; go to the bio, etc. It’s a little different now with the swipe up feature in Instagram, and the shopping feature, but Instagram makes it hard for users to “accidently” click on links.



– You need to be very strategic with posts and strategy.
– When someone is scrolling through your profile and sees a very moving and overall great video, and then the next video is a funny, quirky video, the user will most likely not stay engaged. Try to flow with the content.


– This is where you can get random, funny, and quirky with your content.
– As we’ve always said at AMS, “These are supposed to be fun!”

Instagram Feed

– Good, engaging content.


Use 15-20 per post:
– 3-5 Popular (around 1,000,000 posts)
This gets you immediate action on your post
– 3-5 mildly Popular (Around 100,000 range)
This helps you stay active and relevant for hours to days
– 3-5 niche Specific hashtags (Around 10,000 range)
This get you good engagement in hashtags above, gets you on the popular section (top posts) on these hashtags


Jenn talks about how you should go away from posting each and every day. It comes down to how the algorithm works — it’s based on individual engagement, not popularity. If that individual person engages in your post, you’ll rank higher in their feed. So, you can’t think, “oh this post isn’t doing well we need to post another right now.” You need to ask yourself if the content is engaging and if it’s worth posting. If it’s not worth posting don’t post it until you know its good content.


Most data on carousels show that they don’t work. That is because the data is showing a negative impact based on the way people engage.

People engage carousels by swiping through them. Double clicking to like after swiping through 3+ images doesn’t register with the user. Jenn recommends using these in the right context:

  • Great way to promote an event or tell a great story.
  • Need to make sure the first photograph is your best one.
  • Have a CTA to swipe through the stories in your caption.

If you are wondering what social media platform or strategy with resonate best with YOUR audience – hit us up and let us give you a free consultation! The social game is constantly changing and evolving – let us keep you up to date and targeting properly!

At AMS, we have a weekly tradition: Podcast Palooza. Once a week, we all gather in our conference room and listen to a few of our colleagues present on podcast episodes. They share their reactions and takeaways from their podcast of choice and offer ideas on how it can be applied to our clients and our own company. It’s a small part of the week, but one that consolidates our internal brand as a company that participates in wider conversations, and that listens to the ideas of its employees.

We are always on the lookout for innovative, charismatic thinkers, so send your podcast recommendations our way! 

Listen to the full Social Pros Podcast here.

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