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TV UPFRONTS: Broadcast Vs. CTV – What You Need To Know

TV UPFRONTS: Broadcast vs. CTV – What You Need To Know

Advanced Marketing Strategies has been buying media upfront for 25 years. The TV Upfronts (a.k.a. new season premiers) have historically been in the middle of May for the biggest broadcast and cable networks to make their annual pitches to media buyers and marketers in their heated fight to attain the largest share of ad dollars for the upcoming season. In all, 35 new scripted series have been ordered across ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and The CW. However, broadcast television viewing habits are changing, and advertisers are now challenged more than ever by where to invest their video ad dollars. 

Video advertising is still at the top of the list when it comes to the most relevant and effective means of showcasing an advertiser’s brand. However, with so many shows to choose from on linear and digital television, how does a media buyer know where to allocate budgets?

It’s no surprise connected television and over the top streaming devices (CTV & OTT), plus social media video environments such as YouTube and Facebook are the fastest growing platforms for watching video content. Advanced Marketing Strategies has been at the forefront of these emerging platforms since advertising opportunities have become available. With this shift, it’s best to understand the value within streaming video before appropriating too little or too much upfront, particularly as it relates to younger audiences; the much sought after 18-34 demo – which are choosing options outside of the traditional advertising supported video ecosystem.


Broadcast networks have traditionally sold inventory on a broad reach basis, but with CTV, marketers have a greater opportunity to understand their audience through data collection. With this data, marketers can better value inventory best priced and suited for the most appropriate target audience.   

Device & Demographic

Savvy marketers need to consider campaigns that can effectively tell more eloquent and impactful stories on connected screens. Not all impressions are created equal, and instead of focusing on reach, marketers need to buy based on audiences they need to reach on CTV and the type of experiences they aim to create. Experiences are increasingly critical in ad sales.

Unique Ad Experiences

Willingness of viewers to consume ads at all is being put to the test. Ad-free services such as Netflix, Apple TV and Disney will contribute to a sense of ad fatigue among consumers. Therefor, it will become the advertisers’ mission to recapture the attention of viewers dodging ads altogether. Recent research found that CTV can drive a 78% lift in overall engagement. It will become the marketer’s greatest interest to personalize ads and focus on data driven creative to enable a more direct connection with the viewer.

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