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An Account Team member, Sean Donoghue, came across an article & podcast from The ONE Thing, focused on organization in the workplace. This was back when he was a new employee and wanted to develop his organizational skills. This article covers organization in all aspects of your workspace, from papers on your desk to your mental clarity when working.  Here are Sean’s three main takeaways from when he was busy improving his organizational skills.

Organization in the workplace is essential to:

  • Productivity
  • Quality of work
  • Overall personal sanity

“Coming out of college, I did not know the importance of staying organized in your work-space but after working in the industry for a year and a half now, I not only seen the importance of organization, but I have developed organizational skills that have helped my work for clients,” said Sean.

Organizational skills are often overlooked by young employees coming out of college, and even with veteran employees who’ve worked in the industry for years. Here at AM Strategies, we cannot stress the importance of organization enough when we’re managing a long list of clients and all the work that comes with them.

1. Organizing your Brain

It’s pretty self-explanatory; if your brain isn’t organized, NOTHING is organized. But good news, there are some easy tactics for getting your brain organized when preparing for your workday. We like to practice mini-meditation techniques, small walk breaks, coffee breaks, and stretching exercises.

2. Get Enough Sleep

7-8 hours of sleep is right in the sweet spot for your brain to be fully on and ready for the day. Without this, your thoughts get lost, you get distracted easily, and you just have no motivation to get stuff done at work, let alone stay organized. 

3. Multitask as Little as Possible

We get it, sometimes it is necessary. Though, hopping back and forth from thought to thought, from client to client can really cause our brain got get mixed up. Not only is it confusing but, it causes stress. Best tactic to reduce multitasking is to layout your goals for the day, and attack them one by one. This helps us not only with organization, but helps us create the best work for our clients.   

4. Organizing Your Workspace

Cluttered work desks are toxic to your productivity and quality of work. You’re more focused on breaking down the clutter than you are producing quality work for your client. Take a look at your desk and see where you can improve! 

5. Keep the Essentials in Reach

Post-It Notes, calendars, pens, highlighters, you name it. There are office supplies we use every single day and quite often throughout the day. Keep those within reach to where you don’t have to move too much to get them. Doing so will minimize distractions when moving around and looking for what you need.  

6. Organize your Virtual Workspace

How many times have you been working hard on a project, then you look up to find a web page to reference only to see 30+ tabs open on your internet browser? We’ve all been there at least once. Closing tabs when you are done with them, organizing your email to a one-touch system, & setting time blocks to check email are some of the easiest ways to organize your virtual workspace. 

7. Organize your Projects

With different clients, in many various industries, having many different needs, organizing the many different projects is vital for productivity & quality of work. Here are some easy steps we take when trying to hold all the projects on which we may be working:

8. Throw Out Your To-Do List

There is a difference between setting daily goals and a to-do list for the day. To-do lists trick you into thinking you are organized and productive when really they are cluttered with non-essential tasks that take up time throughout your day. Setting goals, or creating success lists, highlight the most important tasks throughout your day and are more purpose-driven than to-do lists. 

9. Map out the Milestones of Projects

What is the first thing most of us ask when we are handed a new project? “When is the deadline?” Working backward from there and setting milestones in the timeline is essential for not only updating the client where you and your team is with their project but also helping you stay organized with your team and yourself to make sure everything is running smoothly.

We hope this helped organize the clutter and clear the way for great ideas! Thanks for reading! If you would like to sit in on our PODCAST PALOOZA meetings – give us a buzz! We’d love to have you.

The One Thing Podcast – How to Get Organized at Work
The ONE Thing Article – How to Get Organized at Work

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