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PODCAST PALOOZA PLAYBACK: Make Your Social Soar With These Laws of Brand Storytelling

We have been talking a lot about storytelling these days. Why? Because – as we have been saying for decades – it is vitally important to communicate with customers and build relationships through emotional connection. With that theme in mind, Account Team Member, Elizabeth Locano, reviews “Make Your Social Soar With These Laws of Brand Storytelling” from Convince & Convert (formally Social Pros) Hosted by Jay Baer. In this episode: guest Jessica Gioglio, co-author of The Laws of Brand Storytelling, discusses the necessity and the evolution of brand storytelling.

This interesting podcast episode talks about how storytelling isn’t just a trend in advertising, but it is the way in which brands need to learn how to communicate with consumers. The podcast explains that when brands are storytelling, it can’t be a one-way street where consumers can only sit and listen; the content that’s being shared needs to be relevant and essential to the consumer so that it can open up the possibilities to creating a conversation. Storytelling is less about telling consumers what your brand is, and more about finding an authentic way to bridge the gap between how you talk about business and the customer experience. This is the key to building lasting relationships. The podcast suggests that if you leverage storytelling in the correct way, you can capture customers’ hearts & minds and prioritize emotional connections with them, which can then motivate them to take action in the way you want them to.


1) Brands tend to tell 2 different types of stories:

Macro Stories:

This is what is at the core of the organization, the company’s story or company myth
•  E.i., story of founders, what drove them to launch the business, the “why”
•  Foundation for everything that the company does
•  Should see consistency here with storytelling

Micro Stories:

• This is the lifeblood of the storytelling strategy
•  Can have more flexibility here in the types of stories that you tell
•  Influencers can be an excellent way of telling a micro-story. The best way to leverage them would be around a specific campaign initiative or area of business that you want to highlight. Or if your brand is not perceived in a certain way and you really want to speak to that core of “your why”, then it may be a good idea to use them

2) What are the biggest mistakes brands make when they think they’re storytelling, but they’re really not?

• Many times, people mistake content with storytelling
– Storytelling is not the same as different elements of content that you tell
– Storytelling is NOT only a marketing function
• You can engrain storytelling in the customer experience by looking across all different elements of the company: from sales to HR to customer support etc., they can all take part in telling that cohesive story about the brand
• Stories don’t have to be boring (i.e., using the excuse, we don’t have an exciting story to tell, or the industry isn’t that exciting)
– Really look across the business to pull out interesting stories
– What stories can you tell to resonate with your end buyer

3) How to decide what platforms to use for storytelling?

• Don’t think platform first and then how can you wedge a story in there
• Instead; start with strategy first, what is the objective, what are we trying to achieve? What are the right channels to convey this?

4) What is a good technique for finding stories within a company?

• Adopt the mindset of a journalist
– Observe what’s happening around you
– Do a lot of 1-on-1 meetings with people across the company. E.g.: quick coffee meetings. You will start to collect tons of unique stories
• Once you create that culture internally, you’ll start to get more people wanting to volunteer their stories

At AMS, we try to meet with all types of our client’s employees and customers when conducting our 3-D Process, tried and true for marketing. By doing this, we can pull out unique stories and sometimes even work them into new campaigns. Social is a huge way to use storytelling, and we have many unique formats to connect with your potential customers. Give us a call – we would love to give you a free consultation!

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