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How Facebook Can Change Your Advertising Game

How Facebook Can Change Your Advertising Game

With over 1.5 billion daily users on its primary site and over half a billion daily users on its subsidiaries, Facebook has cemented itself as one of the most used websites of the past fifteen years. While Facebook’s reputation has suffered some losses because of lawsuits, its user base is loyal and consistent, its ad system is efficient, and the site as a whole defies demographics.

After attending a recent Gary Vaynerchuk marketing conference, Billie Cardenas, SVP, COO of Sun Community Federal Credit Union, has a renewed enthusiasm for Facebook’s potential as an advertising platform. In Ep. 24 of the Show Runner Marketing Podcast, she and host Kathy Cunningham discuss the site’s unique ability to micro-target people.

Why use Facebook over traditional advertising? 

Facebook is in a unique position as the premier modern social media platform. It preceded and watched the rise of Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Reddit, and YouTube, and has stayed relevant through it all. Facebook has cut its teeth against all of its competitors and adapted to their innovations – by the laws of the free market, that means it has the best focus on consumers when it comes to user retention.

Facebook connects every consumer demographic in one place, with a unique ability to connect generations of consumers. 83% of Facebook’s users who have children are ‘Friends’ with their children on the site. If a woman in the Midwest aged 50-65 ‘likes’ a post about home security, her 18-to-24-year-old daughter on the East Coast is going to see it. The audience these posts reach is much broader than they were originally targeting, and they get spread with a personal referral attached.

Facebook was an important part of Advanced Marketing Strategies’ digital media mix for the LPGA Kia Classic marketing. Coupled with engaging content, strategic click-throughs and conversion tactics, we increased attendance by 20% year over year!

How should you advertise on Facebook?

Facebook ads come in many forms. Most brands will begin with their own Facebook page. This allows consumers to keep up with new products from that brand, and those posts show up in the consumer’s timeline if they ‘Like’ the page in question. The more they interact with the page, the higher up the content will post in their feed.  

40% of Facebook users don’t ‘Like’ brand pages at all, but they can still be reached through paid adverts by brands, posted on news feeds directly rather than just to the brand’s page. Organic posts performs differently than paid, but both play essential roles in delivering the spectrum of results required to move the needle.

Videos earn the highest engagement on the platform, and only a small number of ads on the site come in video format, so they stand out. In a recent campaign, Advanced Marketing Strategies noticed that organic (unpaid) Facebook ads performed well with click-through rates, but video ads got many more impressions. Each platform and each tactic within the platform must be managed and evaluated judiciously and with a trained eye for maximum advertising results.

So, when should you post on Facebook?

This is a question that concerns Millennials and Gen Z but may not occur to Baby Boomers and Gen Xers, because the younger demographics have been trained to post for ‘Likes.’ Social media, unlike traditional news outlets, is continually being fed new information in real-time by as many sources as the user is ‘friends’ with, and some posts will inevitably get lost in the fold, so timing is crucial – you need to get eyes on your posts while those eyes are actively on the site. Studies show that, excluding weekends, daily engagement on Facebook is highest on Thursdays and Fridays, with user activity peaking on weekdays at 3:00 pm. It makes sense when you think about it – it’s the end of the week, people don’t want to be at work, so they’re distracting themselves with social media. It’s mid-afternoon, that long stretch between lunch and 5:00 pm when people make their last cup of coffee and scroll on their phones for a few minutes between emails. 

AMS is a thought leader when it comes to social media strategies which are an important part of our full-service media mix of both traditional and digital. We audit performance daily, always watching, analyzing, and tweaking for optimum results. Facebook is a crucial tool in today’s market. Millions are on it every day – that is an unprecedented amount of traffic, and you have the ability to capture that audience. The average Facebook user clicks on 2 ads a week. Make sure one of those ads is yours.

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