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The Chemistry Behind The Sale

The Chemistry Behind The Sale

Building Relationships Builds Sales!

When it comes to the sales floor, the face of sales is changing, and the traditional sales tactics are being taken to task by innovations of the new generation.

AM Strategies CEO, Kathy Cunningham sat down with Amanda Hoffman, who is a four-year sales veteran and featured guest on Episode 26 of The Showrunner Podcast. They discussed how in Hoffman’s first month on an automotive sales floor, she outsold a veteran 25-year salesman, making a name for herself in the older, male-dominated company that dared to underestimate her.

Salesmanship is traditionally a boys club, but according to Hoffman, a feminine presence can be essential in balancing out the energy of the sales space. The sales floor is its own microbiome in the automotive industry, with its own ecosystem. Diversity is key to a thriving environment, especially when it comes to personal-level interactions with customers. A diverse consumer-base demands adaptability.

What are the new sales techniques?

Hoffman’s philosophy is simple: make friends before you make sales.

When two people bond socially, a hormone called oxytocin is released from the brain and encourages trust between those two people. When your customer trusts you, they’re more likely to engage in a transaction.

This social bond does not just render short-term results – the friendly relationship between a salesperson and a customer will pay off down the line in the form of referrals. As we have uncovered time and time again, when a consumer has a positive sales experience, they will encourage friends and family to visit their salesperson when the time comes to buy a car.

On top of it all, consumers respond to integrity over everything else. Some less scrupulous advertisers can flash ridiculous messages featuring misleading prices and features, but when it’s time to sign a contract, the truth comes out.

Building trust with a consumer from the beginning will win out over lies every time, and pay off in the long run with repeat customers and referrals.

Customer experience is everything.

The old strategies of fast-talking negotiators are no longer acceptable to consumers in the market for a new car. It’s crucial to ensure that every customer walks away happy.

Think of Disney World. They sell the “magic” to every consumer. Whether it’s princesses and princes coming to life to dazzle children, or adrenaline-pumping rides for the older patrons, the customer experience is so powerful that people travel across the globe and spend hundreds of dollars in this Magic Kingdom.

Take advantage of modern accessibility.

Some salesmen will be naturally resistant to new communication techniques, but adapting to how modern audiences want to be communicated with is essential.

What’s great about texting, Facebook messaging, and emailing with potential customers is the ability for everyone to respond at their own time. These platforms eliminate the phone-tag and release the pressure on clients while they make decisions.

They especially appeal to a younger consumer-base who grew up communicating across these platforms and are aging into the auto industry’s core consumer segment.

Finally, digital communication puts the consumer and the salesperson on a mutual plane and comfort zone, allowing for a more natural progression for the sale.

In the case of Amanda, she believes in “make a friend, sell a car” and literally puts a big red bow on customer loyalty for repeat customers and referral business!

Looking for more inside information on the neuroscience of customer sales? What type of advertising actually taps into the right brain centers to make a sale? We’d love to chat more with you about customer sales journeys! Give us a buzz at

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