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KC Book Of The Month 7 - Contagious Culture

Contagious Culture: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization that Thrives


By AMS Founder & President Kathy Cunningham

Want to have better conversations, more impact, and persuade people to help you work towards a goal? Then you’ll love AM Strategies’ “Book of the Month” Contagious Culture by Anese Cavanaugh. In it she helps you build a company culture where everyone is responsible for the energy they bring and their intentional impact! And just for you – we’ve wrapped up all the great points in a bite sized blog!

Contagious Culture author, Anese Cavanaugh, tells us about creating a culture within the workplace and how every person is responsible for their contribution to the culture by the energy they bring each day.

As an agency owner, I found this book to be tremendously enlighting, informative, and helpful. The whole theme of the book is how to bring your best self to the table on a regular basis and have a good impact on the lives of your employees, customers, and the people around you. Here’s what we can learn from this book.

Intentional Energetic Presence Builds Influence

Intentional energetic presence (IEP) is not only about your excitement on a topic or meeting, but it’s about how you walk into the room and how you engage the others in the room. It sets the foundation you need to communicate in the most potent and effective way.

The energy and intention you put into a setting, whether it’s a large meeting or just a team-building exercise, has a tremendous impact on the productivity and overall tone of the meeting.

The IEP Method Steps

Anese talks about a method of making the best intentional energetic presence for you and your team. She calls it the IEP Method.

1. Being able to reboot presence in the moment

This is all about reacting positively and putting your best attitude forward, no matter the situation. No matter what happened before the meeting or task you are about to take on, you need to essentially reboot your attitude and outlook on a task to have the best result.

2. Build a strong, energetic foundation

Energy is essential to being a resilient, intentional, and effective leader. Having insufficient energy coming into a task will only result in coming up short of your goal by not having the motivation to complete it.

3. Creating an intentional impact

Is the glass half full or is it half empty? Is this meeting going to go phenomenally or horribly wrong? Having good & clear intentions will make it easier for you to persuade people to help you work towards a goal.

Self-care is NOT Selfish

Some might think that self-care is selfish when, in fact, it is one of the most important aspects of a leader. You have to take care of yourself in order to show up for others, and the more you show up for others, the more impact you will have!

Contagious Culture is on the AMS book of the month list; our entire team enjoyed and recommends it highly. We now all have the basics for using intentional energetic communication with each other, and a head start for positively influencing others. We use the philosophy as a guide for us all to take stock of the energy we bring to meetings and everyday interactions with each other. It helps us to shape a worthwhile and contagious culture for AMS. With strong communication skills, we can work better as a team which will not only provide a more enjoyable work environment but also allows us to create more effective solutions for our clients.

We recommend this book for personal growth with both work-life and home-life.

About Kathy, Founder and President of Advanced Marketing Strategies

“My personal goal is to provide leadership and inspiration to our team and our clients, to work harder than expected, and ask this every day, “what can I do to improve my clients’ business, my business, myself and my team?”

“Business is competitive and ever-changing, so I believe in adapting to progress with continued learning, coupled with three decades of experience to understand and interpret the future.  Advanced Marketing Strategies has built trusted client relationships based on evaluating new technology with caution, curiosity, and without bias.

Being media agnostic, the first to explore marketing innovations, asking the right questions, and using research as our guide, means our clients are guaranteed measurable results. We perform best when clients describe their OUTCOMES rather than their SOLUTIONS, and our 3-D Process of Discovery, Definition, & Deployment forms their strategies. In a nutshell, we help CONSUMER GOODS clients with OMNICHANNEL STRATEGIES for MAXIMUM RESULTS!

I also find joyful growth in mentoring, sharing, and networking through our Show Runner Marketing Podcast.

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