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10 Tips To Build A Smart Customer Journey And Sell Faster

10 Tips to Build a Smart Customer Journey and Sell Faster

PODCAST PALOOZA PLAYBACK – (Episode 143) – Todd Hartley

As content creators, we don’t always get too much of a say in every step of the customer journey. But that does not mean we can ignore where our content fits into the big picture.

In this Podcast Palooza Playback, Todd Hartley walks us through the strategy behind guiding your customers through their entire journey. From social media videos, Facebook ads, and onto your website, each piece has a unique role in how your customer travels through their journey.

10 Important Takeaways:

1. What marketing and sales have to do with dating

  • Marketing and sales are like dating, you wouldn’t go into a date and go straight for the kiss. There is a conversation to be had, interests exchanged, questions asked. As the conversation continues, and as you learn about each other, then you can begin to build trust. This path, from strangers to friends, is the same path you should aim to take your customers on EVERY TIME.

2. How  to “flow-path” buyers through the decision-making process to a purchase decision

  • When you create content, you must consider where it will be posted, and where your customers are mentally, when you are reaching them. You don’t want to hit the brand new customer with a hard sell.
  • You first need to pre-frame, or set up your customer to want your product, BEFORE they even get there. How the customer gets to your site and how they are led through the site should be based on their interests and needs.

3. Why any message you put out should function as a part of the customer journey

  • Every asset you put out should have an understood position in the customer journey. Greeting new customers, helping prospects through the website, or leading to the buy itself.
  • Most importantly, where the individual piece takes this new prospect should DIRECTLY coincide with the position that piece has in the journey. A social media post to engage and create a conversation with new prospects shouldn’t lead them directly to a purchasing page.

4.  The first step to effective marketing

  • Creating a story using customer conversation and placing strategic and meaningful content along the way. As each piece of content you release has a place in the journey – so too does it have a specific goal – to lead your prospective customer onto the next stage seamlessly and effortlessly.

5. How to use your website in an “on-demand” fashion

  • As all the content you release guides your customer through their journey, your website is the destination, but far from the end. Your website needs to cover the same journey, and in the proper sequence.
  • So, if a prospective customer is on your website for just basic information, or looking to purchase, each should be able to follow the correct path easily to their unique destination.

6. How to hook a customer based on their priorities and their interests

  • Make it easy for your customers, they are novice bowlers, and your site should have the bumpers up to guide them down the lane. Lead with their priorities and interests, then diagnose the underlying problem.

7. Why selling on Facebook ads is tricky

  • Facebook is a place where people go for entertainment value and to connect with the people they care about. Ads created to sell directly may not perform as well here. Your customers may ignore these ads if they are not in that part of the buying process, or worse, be upset you are encroaching on their space.
  • The content you release here should be aimed at guiding a lead toward a sale. It should take them down the necessary path first, which will ultimately lead to the sale itself.

8. How to establish proper context to connect the dots to your marketing argument

  • Once you establish the underlying desire, show your customer how, what you have to offer, will help them get there. Using research and examples, circle back to their interests and priorities. This marketing argument will be hard to ignore.

9. How to identify the real problem to capture potential clients desire

  • Imagine you are a basketball trainer who specializes in increasing vertical. That is an interest, but not a desire of basketball players. Now increasing athletic performance, THAT is a desire. Now you just have to prove that increasing their vertical will improve their athletic performance.

10. How to wireframe your web page content

  • Define your customers’ story arch, and create campaigns based on those arches. Each campaign should have a unique journey to your website, and then its own path through your website. The journey must be filled with highly relevant content and be as SIMPLE AS POSSIBLE.

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