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TV, Radio, Or Digital, Which Is Better?

We are often asked by our clients, which is the better: TV advertising, radio advertising, or digital advertising? Some say all media is good, but that doesn’t help you figure out which is the BEST media plan for you.

The answer is simple if you keep in mind your desired outcome rather than any bias towards a solution. It’s a matter of discovering the RIGHT media for your GOALS, MESSAGE, and your TARGET AUDIENCE.

When is TV best?

Sometimes the car, casino resort, or credit union services we are advertising really need to be seen to be appreciated. In cases like a new product, a complex solution, or a story that needs both a picture and audio to create enough emotional connection to stimulate desire and response;  in these cases, TV advertising is the best choice and can deliver the broad reach of traditional media as well.

When is Digital better?

Everyone knows that using digital media for e-commerce is effective. We have also found using digital advertising as part of a marketing campaign to drive awareness and ticket sales for event marketing works well too.

Case in point, event marketing for the LPGA Kia Classic. Advanced Marketing Strategies used digital ads, video ads, paid search, social ads, social influencers, and organic live posts of the real-time action to increase ticket sales & attendance by 20% for The LPGA Kia Classic Tournament at the Hyatt Aviara. We’ve found that digital marketing works even better when used in conjunction with the best broadcast media to help stimulate awareness, attention, and internet traffic.

Is Radio ever the best choice?

Using theater of the mind through radio or streaming audio can be an effective way to tell a story and build a compelling mental image.  For example, recently for one of our clients, we opted for radio as the best media buy to create promotional excitement and get the attention of San Diegans enjoying their outdoor lifestyle. Summer means trips to the beach, camping, amusement parks, baseball, and soccer, so we wanted our message to travel with San Diegans wherever their adventure took them.

Another reason radio was our best option, was music. The Mossy Nissan Jingle has been a massive part of the iconic local brand story for over three decades. Radio allowed us to offer listeners the sounds of summer and the identifiable signature music that ties San Diego to the brand in a way no visual could. The musical logo adds massive appeal and brand awareness to our retail message. It helps that over time it has become synonymous with the San Diego lifestyle and holds a special place in the hearts of car buyers.

Using different radio and streaming audio platforms also gave us the added value of engaging the target audience in our sales message by customizing the jingle music to the genre of the station. By creating several different styles of the same song we form a unique connection between Mossy Nissan, the audience and the musical experience. The result is that both the brand & promotional message becomes ingrained and follows you where ever you go.

So if you found yourself humming the Mossy Nissan jingle in your new Nissan this summer, you’ll know we chose the RIGHT MEDIUM!

As one of the top advertising agencies in San Deigo, AMS is media-agnostic and solutions based. We look for the best media mix to maximize your media budget against your key demographics, best target audience, and unique marketing challenges.

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