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Kathy Cunningham Tapped As Keynote Speaker On Building Lasting Brands At The 2019 Women In Automotive Palm Springs Conference

Kathy Cunningham Tapped As Keynote Speaker On Building Lasting Brands At The 2019 Women In Automotive Palm Springs Conference

Women in Automotive Convention is returning to the Omni Rancho Las Palmas Resort in Palm Springs, CA on Sunday, December 15th – Monday 16th, 2019. The focus of the 2019 conference will be on educating and empowering women and men in the automotive community on thought leadership and trends that impact employment and sales growth.

The Women in Automotive conference educational content fulfills a gap in the automotive community. The goal is to move the automotive industry forward as it relates to the most influential segment of the market: women.

“More than 300 professionals from across the country attended the inaugural Women in Automotive Conference in 2015, and over 400 attended each in our 2016, 2017, 2018 & 2019 events. We expect our numbers to grow at an exponential rate in our upcoming Winter event.” – Christy Roman, WIA Founder

The two-day conference draws upon top female success stories as it assists the automotive community in recruiting, retaining, and developing female employees and leaders. It includes a networking event, speakers, breakout sessions, workshops, and booth displays – all centered on the goal of educating and inspiring women in all areas of the automotive industry.

Advanced Marketing Strategies Founder, Kathy Cunningham will be a keynote speaker at this year’s Palm Springs event. She will be speaking on how to build lasting brands. As Kathy says, “branding isn’t just a marketing or advertising term, it should be a way for you and your teams to crystallize what you make happen for your customers and the unique value you can add to their experience. In this new customer-centric market, the buyer is controlling the narrative and the omnichannel customer experience should be at the forefront of the sales and marketing conversation.”

Kathy further relates, “I am a huge fan of WIA and all they are doing for the automotive industry. Being a 30- year industry veteran myself, finding WIA has reignited my passion for the industry and opened my eyes to more opportunities. I’m looking forward to sharing my years of experience in retail branding with the Women of Automotive. Given the tectonic shifts going on in the marketplace today, branding is becoming more important for everyone from manufacturers and dealers to vendors and suppliers. We all need to differentiate our products and services and stand out in the new retail environment.”

Kathy will also be hosting the popular Show Runner Marketing Podcast from the floor of the Women in Automotive Conference. The show has featured past WIA keynote speakers like Julie Kratz, Owner of Pivot Point; and Lisa Copeland, owner of Cars Her Way, Shari Fitzpatrick, CEO of Berried in Chocolate, as well as 2019 Every Women Award Winner Amanda Hoffmann. Also featured on the podcast are automotive superstars Tiffany Stroupe and Rose Castillo from Hyundai North America, as well as WIA Board of Directors Jody DeVere, and Subi Ghosh. Get a behind the scenes look inside the automotive industry from the female perspective, with inspiring stories of how these top women have navigated their careers and the lessons they have learned along the way.

Advanced Marketing Strategies will be posting updates directly from the Women in Automotive convention, with exclusive content only available through their Facebook,, Instagram,, and LinkedIn accounts,

Women in Automotive is offering code WIA100 to save $100.00 on admission.

• Jill Trotta, Vice President/GM Industry, Sales, and Marketing with RepairPal and Tammy Tecklenburg, President, Women in Auto Care – Fireside Chat: Creating your Tribe
• Courtney White, Director, Marketing, Communications at Dealerware – From Transactions Economics to Customer Economics: What Retail Automotive Can Learn from Amazon to Drive Growth
• Thomais Zaremba, Director of Automotive at Google – Finding Athena: Current female leadership and developing our female leaders of the future
• Paul Faletti, Jr., President & CEO, NCM Associates – Empower your Employees and Increase Retention through Employee-Ownership and Diversity
• Sheryl Connelly, Ford Motor Company Manager, Global Consumer Trends & Futuring – Trends Panel – Trends for the Shifting Automotive Industry

Women in Automotive was founded by six female industry leaders in partnership with JKR Advertising out of Orlando. The group is particularly interested in empowering and developing women in the auto industry. The philosophy is that this benefits both the women and the dealerships and will help facilitate the training and hiring of more females in dealerships. Currently, the percentage of female employees remains stagnant at just 17% of all employees (according to NADA 2014 data). A major recruiter mentioned that they had received over 1,000,000 resumes, of which 40%+ were from women – but only 1 out of 4 is actually hired by dealers. Whether that’s a function of the job requirements or dealer preference, Women In Auto is committed to bringing the two sides together. On the dealer side, by training and educating them on how to create a balanced position for women, and for women – by providing them a network and opportunities for skill set development. For more information or to register for the 2019 Women in Automotive Conference this winter in Palm Springs, visit:

The Show Runner Marketing Podcast is a new effort from Advanced Marketing Strategies (AMS) that aims to recognize top women in marketing “running the show” and give them a platform to share their knowledge and life lessons with others. By creating an accessible network of amazing business women and those that are thirsty for continued learning, Show Runner provides speakers and listeners a mentoring opportunity through the podcast platform. The show is hosted by AMS Founder and President, Kathy Cunningham. For more information visit:

Incorporated in 1991, the San Diego ad agency, Advanced Marketing Strategies is proud to have provided over twenty-five years of strategy-based, results-oriented marketing solutions that have increased traffic, sales, and profits for large consumer clients. Over the years, we have developed fully integrated traditional, digital and social media marketing for IKEA, Mossy Automotive, Soboba Casino, Quechan Casino Resort, Sky Ute Casino and Resort, McMillan Homes, Point Loma Credit Union, LPGA Kia Classic and others. Learn more about AMS by visiting

Kathy is the Founder and President of Advanced Marketing Strategies, one of San Diego’s most prominent advertising agencies. Having founded Advanced Marketing Strategies over 27 years ago, Kathy is passionate about combining the latest, most innovative communication tools with solid, tested principles of marketing, for exponential results. She and her team use research, targeting, and strategy to bring together compelling messages and an optimum combination of both digital and traditional media. Kathy is also the host of The Show Runner Marketing Podcast, which recognizes top females in business and marketing who are running the show.

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