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Tik Tok: The New Frontier!

Tik Tok: The New Frontier!

Tik Tok, an app that has perplexed many advertisers and consumers alike, continues to grow in popularity. Is it worth your time to download? Is it worth the time for advertisers to learn to use?

In their latest Podcast Palooza meeting, AM Strategies reviewed the podcast ‘Social Media Marketing Talk Show’ hosted by Social Media Examiner.

Guest, Rachel Pederson, talks with the two hosts about her opinions on the app, believing Tik Tok is the real deal and advertisers should pay attention. And she should know! Rachel is a social media strategist recognized by Content Marketing Institute as one of the most influential online marketers.

She isn’t just talking about Tik Tok from an outside perspective. She is an active user of the app. With 5600 followers, she has hands on experience and is ‘in the trenches’ of this new short form video frontier.

Tik Tok, which many people first learned of as ‘” has made its claim to fame by being a safe place for people to post short, raw videos of themselves. Many find this to be cringy, while others love the authenticity.

On an internet full of staged or highly produced content, the oasis of unadulterated personalities can be very appealing.

In this last year, Tik Tok was the most downloaded social app, beating both Facebook’s and Snapchat’s download numbers. With a strong base and demographics of 66%, ages 16-24, Rachel believes this is an amazing opportunity to reach future consumers. And with 34% of Tik Tok users 30 years or older, the bonus of reaching current consumers is too good to pass up.

When asked about the longevity of Tik Tok, Rachel believes the proof is in the celebrities. With big names like Cardi B, Jimmy Fallon and Arnold Schwarzenegger being prominent users of the app.

Celebrities aren’t the only ones using the app, News teams have begun creating content for a heavily sought-after younger audience. News outlets like the Washington Post, NBC News and the Dallas Morning News have begun to use the app to deliver newsworthy information. Click here to check out how they’ve been using Tik Tok!

For the more old school companies, Tik Tok is currently working on an ad-tools platform. So, if reaching your audience by creating content on the app itself seems a bit too flimsy, there will be the more conventional ad platform available.

Not quite convinced Tik Tok is worth your time? Pederson suggests putting down your predispositions, hopping on the app, and giving it a try! You just might find yourself an early adopter of the next great app. The only guarantee is that if you keep waiting, you will miss out.

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