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2020 Super Bowl Commercial Roundup

Kathy Cunningham, Founder & President of Advanced Marketing Strategies, illuminates the effective techniques brands use as she weighs in on the best 2020 Super Bowl commercials live on the morning news. Watch her interview on KUSI News below:

They Cost 5.6 Million Dollars – Is it Worth all the Money and Effort?

Hyundai’s commercial for Smart Park technology is a perfect example of how to get your monies worth in a super bowl ad! It starts with a wicked good CATCH PHRASES like ‘Pahk the Cah‘; sprinkle in some local humor, add a couple of celebrities like John Krasinski and Rachel Dratch, and top it off with a popular athlete like “Big Papi” and you have a winning combination.

The ONLINE VIDEOS featuring Rachel coaching “Big Papi” with his Boston accent along with the sneak peek at the long version of the commercial weeks before the big game, added to its following, anticipation, and success.

What was different about commercials this year?

BRANDS THAT CARE were getting a lot of attention in 2019, and Michelob Ultra Pure Gold’s Super Bowl 2020 ad continues the trend by showing Americans how they can help increase organic farmland by drinking beer! What’s not to like to about that?

Olay’s Make Space for Women commercial proved that reaching out to a diverse target market pays off big. With its all-female cast and empowerment message, it garnered a ton of pre-game hype on social media by releasing its ad early and also the #MakeSpaceForWomen campaign which will donate $1 (up to $500,000) to Girls Who Code for each shared tweet.

Busy Philipps, Lilly Singh, Nicole Stott, Taraji P. Henson, and Katie Couric brought star power to the space race and helped generate MASSIVE BUZZ ON SOCIAL MEDIA. Personal tweets from Katie Couric asking people to spread the word and the hashtag to prove there’s enough space… in space… for women, is an example of another effective technique to get more from your CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENT.

Besides humor and celebrity, what else do the best commercials deliver?

Snickers is a LEGACY BRAND that has been around for a long time. The Giant Hole commercial has very little to do with the product and how it tastes, but the humorous story relaxes us, allowing us to take in the subconscious messages, or META-COMMUNICATIONS, and get the SUBLIMINAL MESSAGES that Snickers is a relevant, fun, cool treat that cares about the earth – which resonates with the new generation of candy eaters. This campaign also featured long-form, one minute plus run times, and 15-second teasers like Speaker Phone, as well as Spanish language versions.


So what makes a good Super Bowl commercial?

The number one requirement is ENTERTAINMENT. Your message must break through all the hype, noise, and expectations of a Super Bowl party; grab attention before people tune out to grab another hot wing! Bud light seltzer’s #PostyStore has the right amount of cool hip celebrity and physical humor to get noticed over the roar of the big game.

For the product introduction of Bud light Seltzer, the pre-game social media campaign added to its AWARENESS by running a contest #PostyStore vs #PostyBar CONTEST to have fans pick the final ad that would run in the Super Bowl. Inside Post Malone’s brain won and featured everyone in his brain with his unique face and body tattoos… very FUNNY!

Another visual, funny, and entertaining ad was for Cheetos featuring the tune from MC Hammer’s Can‘t Touch This. Music, nostalgia, and the PHYSICAL HUMOR of the guy that takes advantage of Cheeto fingers to get out of work and chores. This hilarious ad generated a lot of early buzz, and was even sent to me to review by a college a week before the game – proving once again, that before the game, after game activities make it worth it to SPEND BIG MONEY on Super Bowl ads.

Which commercials stood out as the best in your opinion?

One of my favorite commercials is “Typical American” by Budweiser. This ANTHEM STYLE ad wraps its emotional story around the all-American brand and ties that all together with the all-American beer!! Kind of a snub to the import beer competition too. Surprising, relevant, heartwarming, game day high-five worthy… I’ll drink to that!!

Who missed the mark?

Avocados from Mexico – again this year! It was just too weird. This ad starring Molly Ringwald as a home shopping network did not make me want to eat avocados. I love avocados, but I’m not sure I want to be associated with people that dress their food.

What was your favorite Super Bowl commercial? Chime in and let us know what you thought. We are always interested in hearing the voice of the consumer!

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