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Ep.29 – Eco-friendly, Fashionable Sports Apparel Designed for Women by Women with Vivian Sayward

Eco-friendly, fashionable sports apparel and the business of filling an unmet need with a brand that’s designed for women by women.

Vivacity means full of life, and that describes Vivian’s journey, her thirst for learning and a tremendous drive to make a difference. She is living the American dream as the child of immigrants she took her deep knowledge in finance, health services and business development and founded Vivacity Sportswear. Her company’s philosophy is “leave this world better than you found it.”

Do you like fashion, who doesn’t? Listen in as we discuss how Vivian started her own fashion line. She shares her experiences in building a business and the trials and tribulations of bringing together and leading a strong team of experts in design, product development, marketing and manufacturing that helped her succeed.

Vivian Sayward, Founder & CEO Vivacity Sportswear

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • Following the marketing trend of education and company responsibility.
  • How to design comfortable, functional, fashionable sportswear for women’s sizes and shapes so they don’t feel like they’re dressed like a small man.
  • How listening in times of conflict and asking questions can help you find common ground.
  • Why 2020 is a transitional year for sustainably, product sourcing and building a biodegradable manufacturing process that’s more circular.
  • The not so sexy financial and business side of the business of the design and manufacturing process.
  • Working through the many challenges of building a business with partners.
  • How thoughtful brands, and fabrics made from “pencil” wood pulp help offset “fast fashion” and the textile waste problem in the fashion industry.
  • Why walking the talk is good for business and good for the community?
  • What market research, being open to feedback, testing fabrics, playing with new silhouettes and listening to your target audience can add to the design process.
  • Bringing together your enemies, the history of communication at its finest.

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