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AESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE: How It Can Lift Your Brand Image And Increase Sales.

AESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE: How it can lift your brand image and increase sales.

We know intelligence – emotional intelligence, artificial intelligence, market intelligence, even design intelligence and how important they are to growth for your brand. But you might not have heard of AESTHETIC INTELLIGENCE. This is a term Pauline Brown, a former chairman of the luxury goods company LVMH coined. She argues that in today’s crowded marketplace, this kind of AI is what will set companies apart — and not just in the consumer products and luxury sectors. B2B or B2C, small or large, digital or bricks-and-mortar, all organizations need to hire and train people to think this way. Brown also authored a book on the subject – “Aesthetic Intelligence: How to Boost It and Use It in Business and Beyond” and has even taught a class on it at Harvard Business School.


Simply put – it’s taste! Not the kind from your taste buds – but the aesthetic kind. Using ALL your senses to elicit pleasurable, positive experiences. My favorite example of this is in a great restaurant. Yes, of course, the food has to be good – but that’s not all you want right? Comfortable seating, great lighting, décor, acoustics, and even the place settings are key to your experience.  They all make up the Aesthetic Intelligence.

This feeds into the new trend of CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE we all are hearing about in marketing these days. Providing products and services is not enough. We need to provide experiences around those products and services that elicit true delight.

In the HBR IdeaCast Podcast from Harvard Business Review, Brown says, “Another example would be what Howard Shultz did with Starbucks. Prior to that, a cup of coffee was a cup of coffee. His genius was taking what is one of the most commoditized products in the market, which is a coffee bean, and saying I can sell it at a premium not because you’re buying coffee, but because you’re buying into a “third space” as he called it. Everything about the Starbucks example was using aesthetic principles to the extreme.”


Strategize how your brand can provide a human experience that really lifts the user in ways that no one else in his industry had thought even possible or valuable. The concepts of traditional branding are not as effective as they once were. It is more important than ever to add DELIGHT to your strategy. When you look at the latest neuroscience research, and why anyone will buy one product over another – 80 to 90 percent is based on how that product or service makes the person feel.

Brown goes on to say, “Marketers and researchers are predominately focused on what their customers think about how they would reason the features, the functions, the costs, the benefits. That is not what’s driving buying decisions and yet we really are rather unsophisticated as a marketplace in terms of understanding how people feel, empathizing with it and then actually taping into it. And delivering in ways that are genuine and that are uplifting. People want to dream. They want to aspire.”


Using the strategy of Aesthetic Intelligence will lift your brand image and increase sales.

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