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Ep.30 Show Runner – Kristan Kirsh

Ep.30 Show Runner – Kristan Kirsh

•Marketing Renewable Energy with Brand Stories that Captivate Customers and Capture Market Share•

With over 20 years of global marketing experience, Kristan is driving change and using new technologies that solve big problems in energy, water, and other industrial processes.

A rock star executive marketer and brand leader, her personal journey started with the Peace Corps & social services, and she tells us how an incredibly supportive boss helped to harness her passion into social marketing that can change behavior.

A client once said, “Kristan has the perfect balance of smarts, skill, savvy, and sense. She understands the science behind the product, the engineering, the materials and she also understands marketing.”

Senior Director of Marketing Communications at NEXTracker, the #1 solar tracking company globally

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • The business of renewable energy sources, the art of nurturing an extremely long sales cycle, and the politics of marketing energy.
  • How to pitch Influencers and champions to help to tell stories for large scale solar utilities.
  • How companies like Facebook are using wind farms, solar farms, or rooftop applications to help cancel out emissions and soften their carbon footprints around the world.
  • How layering software intelligence like machine learning, Artificial Intelligence, and IoT on top of hardware can maximize the production, reliability, and performance of renewables.
  • Storytelling that connects Gretta Thunberg, climate change technology, software, and WIRED.
  • B2b strategies, technology marketing and the challenges GLOBAL MARKETERS face given typical constraints like budgets, lean teams, and flexibility.
  • The role of a trade organization, industry association, and government networking on the policies of renewable energy sources.

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