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Ep.31 – Competing for a Share of Consumers’ Stomachs in a Disruptive Retail Marketplace with Melissa Griffin

Bringing a 200+ store supermarket chain background and 30 years of experience in consumer retail marketing, you don’t want to miss a word Melissa shares with us about how she went from a bag girl to the senior vice president of an iconic brand. She walks us through the highlights and history of the grocery store business and reveals the marketing strategies of disrupters like Walmart, Trader Joe’s, and Costco.

This podcast is also filled with heartwarming tales of a career growing up with a megabrand that acts more like a family business and has a leader that believes in building a compassionate and inclusive brand to serves the community. She shares a brave story of how she turned a male colleague from a challenger to a lifelong ally and trusted partner with finesse, research, and indisputable facts.

A University of Redlands Whitehead Leadership Society inductee, Melissa explains The Arc of Purposeful Leadership for self, teams, and organizations.

Melissa Griffin, VP (Retired) Stater Bros. Markets; and Business Strategist at MRG Consulting

Lessons you will learn from this podcast:

  • How Costco’s treasure hunt mentality turns a cheap chicken into a $700 television set
  • Click and collect stores like Instacart how new dynamic disruptors can affect legacy brands
  • Aldi’s and Sprouts why you need to be in tune with your consumer to adapt to changes in retail marketing
  • Using data mining to tap into niches and get a competitive edge
  • How Instagram is targeting the way millennials shop and communicate
  • The art of merchandising eye appeal for buy appeal
  • How Trader Joe’s is competing for a share of stomachs in a disruptive retail consumermarket
  • How a flat hierarchy encourages and generates ideas from everyone
  • What’s killing the cooperation, innovation, and enthusiasm in your company
  • Using your people as genius resources to grow your marketplace
  • Acquiring Lucky’s and Albertsons a lesson in leadership compassion & damn good business
  • Giving and receiving criticism and how to encourage the ugly stuff for growth

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