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COVID-19 Marketing and Leadership

Ep.33 – COVID-19: Shaping Marketing History with Allyson Witherspoon

•Special Episode COVID-19 How Nissan is Transitioning During These Uncharted Times and Making Marketing History•

Allyson and I sat down for an interview in mid-March to talk about marketing, leadership, and the launch of the new Nissan Sentra. Soon after, March 19th, the government shut down the economy.

Allyson graciously agreed to update our conversation with her thoughts from the C-suite. We talk about the setbacks, opportunities, and transitional marketing strategies in light of COVID-19.

She shares with us how Nissan has come together as a team using ingenuity and a scrappy can-do attitude to support the nation and its customers.

Anyone that loves marketing and understands that now is the time to jump in and make a difference, will want to hear these tips from one of the top CMOs in the country – who is making marketing history!

Allyson Witherspoon,VP, Marketing at Nissan Motor Corporation

In this Show Runner Marketing Podcast you will learn:

  • Leadership and communication tips on how to keep transparency, fluidity, and a sense of control during a global pandemic. 
  • How skunkworks type projects gave way to radical innovation in a time of crisis.
  • Kicking into crisis management mode and adapting marketing and messaging in real-time.  
  • What opportunities the automotive industry & other retail marketers should prepare for in the new normal.
  • Solidifying the future of e-commerce with digital shopping tools and more!
  • The exhausting pace of change. Why marketers will need to adapt and retool their strategies to prepare for a robust future.
  • With consumers in the driver’s seat, how to develop the types of consumer experience that will engage the new prospect post-COVID-19.
  • The business side of a pandemic, planning for economic recovery.

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