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Building a Lasting Brand with Kathy Cunningham

Ep.34 – Building a Lasting Brand with Kathy Cunningham

•Special Episode Kathy’s Keynote Speaker Presentation for WIA on Building a Lasting Brand•

Here is a special solo-cast edition of the Show Runner Marketing Podcast featuring Kathy Cunningham’s live keynote speech at the Women in Automotive Convention. Kathy reveals the secrets to our recipe for building a lasting brand.

If you’re an owner, a manager, a leader, a product representative, or a member of a team that could use some direction on how to strengthen your entire marketing and sales efforts, this presentation will give you the simple tools you need to bring a fresh perspective to your organization and its brand position.

Learn our three-step process for defining your meaningful points of difference and releasing the power of a strong brand positioning statement onto all of your marketing and sales efforts.

Kathy Cunningham, Founder & President of Advanced Marketing Strategies

In this Show Runner Marketing Podcast you will learn:

  • Why 56% of millennials say, they’d rather clean their homes than do this…
  • How to avoid spending your precious resources on the wrong tactics and the wrong messages
  • How manufacturers, dealers, vendors, and suppliers can differentiate their products and services to stand out in the new retail
  • Why your brand is like a cow
  • Which brands set themselves apart and own an entire category and even an emotion
  • How to take your company essence and strategize it down to the core concepts
  • How to articulate your brand promise and get your whole team on the same page
  • The difference between an attribute and a benefit and why it matters
  • Finding your marketing sweet spot
  • How to focus your efforts on the people and the products that yield the most ROI
  • Why using stories can elicit powerful empathetic responses and increase loyalty and sales

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