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Inspirational Leadership and Brand Activation

Ep.36 – Inspirational Leadership and the Future of Brand Activation with Porsche’s Strategic Marketing Manager, Maegan Moguel

Maegan represents the next generation of inspirational leadership and the future of brand activation and customer experience. A natural storyteller, she delights us with narratives of her inspiring personal journey. She is a sower of seeds and a bright shining light, which is why I had a blast getting to know her and you will too. Maegan believes in building custom relationships at different times in our lives. And shares the lessons she learned from the special women that have lifted her in her life & career. That’s why she believes in giving back, reaching forward, and pushing for “US”. “Who Runs the World? GIRLS!”

An experienced brand relationship manager with an extensive background in both the sports and automotive industries, Maegan worked with the Atlanta Braves and the Atlanta Falcons, before pivoting to Porsche North America.

At Porsche, she has cultivated relationships with global partners within the US via brand event activation with the likes of Bose, Michelin, Microsoft, and Embraer Jets. She is also helping to expose Porsche to a diverse and younger audience by aligning the latest in marketing technology with a test, trial, and trust method.

Maegan Moguel, Strategic Partnership Manager at Porsche Cars North America 

Here’s a preview of the lessons you will learn from this podcast:

National Corporate Sponsorships 

[06:00] – Maegan first shares her game-changing strategies for relationship building and using non-transactional communications to build trust in people and brands. Then she tells us how this kind of training helped her transition from a dream job in sports marketing and pivoted to a global automotive brand.

Millennial Marketing Trends

[10:22] – It is tricky reaching out to diverse demographics and trying to stay true to your core brand voice. That’s why Maegan shares the tactics she uses to help her create unique experiences and build authentic brand connections.

Non-Transferable Customer Experiences

[12:05] – We explore the cutting-edge techniques that were introduced at the Porsche Driven by Vision Booth at the Inbound Conference as Meagan recounts Porsche’s fresh approach to customer engagement. For instance, how speaking to the new generation of entrepreneurs, social change-makers and future leaders requires a personal and unique approach.

The Future Of Brand Activation 

[16:30] – Maegan brings her inspirational brand of leadership to the future of brand activation as she explains how collaborations with fashion brands like Dior, Nike, and Michael Jordan can help create authentic connections with new audiences.

Multicultural Communication Trends

[21:06] – How brands like Spotify and Pandora are using the language of music and the tools of science to deliver added value to unique and targeted personas with cultural differences. 

Are Brands Listening to You?

[24:49] – Kathy and Maegan discuss how brands are gathering information, adding value, and customizing messaging. Then they explain how the exchange of information can lead to better storytelling and a positive relationship between big data and brand building.

Sowing the Seeds of Inspirational Leadership 

[27:24] – Maegan has a cheerful brand of inspirational leadership. She shares examples of how she builds trust and authenticity through non-transactional moments that help produce strong and irreplaceable teams! 

 “My light doesn’t dim by lighting another’s light”

A Remarkable Mentorship Story

[32:13] – As the first in her family to graduate college, Meagan needed to embrace the mentoring process. She shares how it helped her succeed, understand, and build a personal and professional space at different times in her life. 

“You never forget your first mentor!”

Push for US!

[38:22] – Some fun advice from Maegan and Beyoncé on how women leaders can use their voices and influence to put “US” first. “Who Runs the World? GIRLS!”

The Secret To Success

[40:00] – We share some important tips on how to KNOW YOUR VALUE and the one habit that will help you fit family, networking, and positivity into your everyday routine. Plus empowerment lessons from Bozoma St. John and Crystal Khalil’s book “Hard Workers Work Hard, Networkers Move Up.” 

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