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Ep.37 – Creating a Company Culture that Thrives with Author of Contagious Culture, Anese Cavanaugh

Show up – Set the tone while intentionally creating a company culture that thrives. Unlock your Power to Influence, Lead and Create the Impact You Want with Anese Cavanaugh, the IEP Method® Intentional Energetic Presence Founder. This podcast is guaranteed to lift your spirits, ignite your energy, and help you redefine your purpose. 

Anese teaches us how she, and the people she coaches, are leading with intention and taking responsibility for their energy and company culture.

Her IEP Method® will help you bring your best self to the table and unlock new levels of potential in leadership, work, and personal life enrichment, all without compromising integrity, relationships, or burning out.

She is warm, funny, and authentic and even shares some life hacks – like how your snooze alarm can help you be more productive! Her latest books, CONTAGIOUS YOU and CONTAGIOUS CULTURE: Show Up, Set the Tone, and Intentionally Create an Organization That Thrives, are personal favorites, dog-eared and well used.

Anese Cavanaugh, CPO,  Author, Speaker, Leadership & Culture Advisor

Here’s a preview of the lessons you will learn from this podcast:

Leadership and Organizational Health 

[00:06:29] COVID-19 effects on your personal IEP (Intentional Energetic Presence) from mental health to your physical environment, and how to create better vibrational and connective energy.

Tips from Successful Executives

[00:09:03] How good – good can feel and how to set up the energetic space you need to show up in business and life, and how to stay on track for continued success.

Dealing with Stress on the Job

[11:48] How finding your position of power and choice in stressful situations will positively change your outcomes.

Management Training

[00:14:00] What to do when the lack of clear expectations and clean agreements are derailing your efforts  – resulting in the whack-a-mole syndrome.

Personal Development Tools

[00:17:12] Your self-care practice could be the most surprising way to build up the energetic equity you need to address the chaos of real life.

Teambuilding and Communication

[00:22:03] The three things you can do to create energy for positive and successful interactions with your peers, teams, and clients.

Defining Your Company Culture  

[00:26:04] How using the IEP methods will help to differentiate your company’s brand and allow you to break out of the crowd and stand out. Plus, how to evaluate the health of your organization’s culture during the pandemic and after.

Creating Effective Online Branding

[00:59:15] Marketing and connecting with your audience through social media is a never-ending journey; what you need to know about creating an authentic voice and targeted message.

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