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Is it Worth $5.6 Million for a Thirty-Second Commercial in the Super Bowl?

We answer the multi-million dollar question, “Is it worth $5.6 million for a thirty-second commercial in the Super Bowl?”

Super Bowl 2021 commercials will have all the fun, entertainment, celebrities, and emotional tugs to the heart of past years, but what will be missing are some of the biggest brands from the past. Companies like Anheuser Bush Budweiser are opting to donate their advertising budget to support vaccinations. Others like Pepsi are focusing on sponsorship of the half time show in place of expensive branding spots. 

Brands Opt-Out of Superbowl 2021

Why are some of the most popular brands opting to sit on the Super Bowl commercial game’s sidelines? In our recent blog detailing the Vital need for rebranding now, we discuss what all the best agencies and most prominent brands are facing in 2021.

The Coronavirus has changed everything about the way customers shop, work, and live; consequently, the 4 Pillars of Marketing have changed too. As a result, right now, more than any time in history, it is vital to rebrand, strategize, and update your marketing plan before you go to the market and spend your 2021 marketing budgets on messaging.

Evolving Customer Expectations

Your customers’ expectations or need for your products and services resulting from shifting habits during the pandemic mean new creative messaging and positioning in the marketplace is vital. Furthermore, how customers see themselves in relation to your brand has shifted, requiring a fresh approach in marketing. So it is no wonder why some big brands choose not to try to approach the market place during unsettled times. To risk making a messaging mistake could be disastrous to your brand legacy, sales, and market share.

Super Bowl 2021 Sneak Peek

There are still many brands that are advertising during the Super Bowl this year. Check out our favorite 2021 Super Bowl sneak peek ad from Tide, The Jason Alexander Hoodie.