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2022 Super Bowl Commercials – Super Bowl or Super Bust?

We can always find some of the best and most entertaining commercials during the Super Bowl, and this year there were some laughs, some surprises, significant action, and some emotional moments to talk about around the social media water cooler. Cryptocurrency and digital apps made a big splash this year. However, the big winner was the LA Rams and Paton Manning; I think he was in every other commercial this year! Watch my interview with KUSI News below or read on to find out who made the list of the best and worst Super Bowl commercials in 2022.

FTX Bitcoin

This FTX commercial creates some anxiety in the viewer; after all, who wants to miss out on the next big thing? Larry David delivers examples of great inventions that may have been overlooked by less than savvy investors of the past. Plus, FTX gives a reason for us to look them up online and get more information.

FTX Bitcoin pre-game commercials helped sell the online contest to win the amount of Bitcoin equal to when their ad appeared in the big game. So their floating ads could fall anywhere in the second half of the game. The ad ran at 7:54 PM in the game, so the pre-game contest winners won 7.54 in bitcoin, the equivalent of $317,000.

Coinbase Super Bowl Commercial Surprised Us

At first, this was on my list of worst 2022 Super Bowl commercials, and if you did not understand this was a QR code, you might have thought it was 60 seconds of dead air. How long did it take you to realize you were supposed to go up to the TV and download the QR Code? However, it received so much buzz that it made on the top of my list for a new product that got noticed.

The riff on the bouncing DVD logo from The Office clicked through to an online offer for $15 in free Bitcoin, and a chance to win $3 million in prizes. The site did crash, so maybe not such a great sign for Coinbase.

They say no publicity is bad publicity.

Storytelling makes an effective Super Bowl Commercial

Rocket Mortgage

Telling a story rather than giving us many facts and figures about a digital mortgage app, we are much more likely to have a positive reaction and remember the product.

Anna Kindrick lends a natural “We are on your side” kind of feel to this message subconsciously; this allows us to lean in emotionally and connect with this brand. Linking a brand to fond memories like Barbies is a powerful way to form long-lasting positive impressions.

Not only a little something for the millions of female viewers, but the real estate moguls, HGTV addicts, flippers, cash buyers, and love it or list it fans could relate to this Super Bowl commercial too.

Were 2022 Super Bowl comercials worth the ad cost?

This year’s Super Bowl Ads Cost $6.5 Million Dollars; Nissan is an excellent example of why it is worth it.

Nissan thrills with an action-packed ride that can change everything.

Brilliant marketing from Allyson Witherspoon and her creative team at Nissan because this commercial extends a year of “thrill themed” marketing starring Brie Larson. And adding the Schitt’s Creek cast to the mix elevates the storyline for the Big Game audience.

This isn’t just a blockbuster video; it is part of a hard-working retail strategy that includes the Nissan Thrill Of The Drive Sales Event. Plus, a slew of exciting new product introductions, like the New Nissan ARIYA electric SUV, and the newly redesigned Nissan Z are featured in this ad. Cars that transform your life!

Celebrities played a big part in Super Bowl commercials


Celebrities played a big part in 2022 Sumer Bowl commercials, and Toyota did well.

Toyota Makes us laugh and takes the celebrity theme to a new level with the Jones, including Tom Jones singing “It’s Not Unusual”.

We get to see the celebrities drive the trucks off-road and the funny payoff with Nick Jonas! “Or whoever you are,” as Tommy Lee Jones said.

Tommy Lee Jones, Leslie Jones, and Rashida Jones race the Toyota Tundra through Jones Pass.

Google pixel, “seen on pixel”

Besides action and celebrities, the best commercials cause us to feel something, and this product demonstration by Google Pixel is artfully executed.

We see an emotional presentation with beautiful images of dark-skinned people that pull us in and illustrate this new product enhancement. This commercial speaks to the diversity of the audience, and the payoff is revealed at the end with Lizzo’s “If You Love Me, You Love All Of Me.”

Flamin’ Hot Doritos

Doritos masterfully uses humor and creates fun situations that make us feel good about eating their snacks. They keep us laughing again this year with animals; look for the twerking bear at the end!

Catchy music is also part of the best Super Bowl ads recipe, and Salt-N-Pepa’s “Push It” fills the bill. Notice that the celebrities are off-camera, Megan the Stallion plays the singing bird character, and Charlie Puth accompanies her as the beatboxing fox. However, the celebs were seen in the teaser ads, which is another way to get the most out of your big game ad by releasing it early.

Local San Diego company Super Bowl commercial


Shout out to a local San Diego company, Cutwater! This ad brilliantly begs the question, is genius the mother of all inventions, or is it laziness? It appeals to all us fans sitting on our couches for four hours eating and drinking.  

It shows us how we can “work smarter, not harder,” with premixed cocktails. Product convenience is clearly demonstrated. My favorite is the lady who, rather than reach into her ice chest, breaks off an icicle for her drink!

Worst 2022 Super Bowl commercials. Who missed the mark?

5G “do it for the phone”

Verizon and T-Mobile’s phones need your help, featuring Miley Sirus and Dolly Parton. Unfortunately, humor is tricky, and this fell flat.

Are you poking fun at cause marketing? Really?

This ad features two generations of stars, but I’m not sure that 5G is worthy of this cause or the $6.5 million.

Budweiser “A Clydesdale’s Journey”

Oops, what happened? I was ready to get choked up by my all-time favorite Budweiser, Clydesdales. If you add a dog to the equation, and I’m all in. It seemed rushed and needed more time to develop the storyline. This ad is getting attention for all the wrong reasons.

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