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EP.20 Show Runner – Katie Rosenthal

 •Media Buying For Large Local Retail Brands, Katie Shares Her Real-World Examples• Katie Rosenthal is a results-driven marketing professional with over 15 years of experience in marketing, advertising and the media industry. Katie’s talents lie in media negotiation, project…

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The Power Of Micro-influencers

The Power of Micro-Influencers

Up until recently (it is no denying) we could not stop speaking about the power of top tier celebrity influencers and the large following that they have behind them. Both brands and followers were excited to see the longevity and…

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How To Start Earning Affiliate Money

How to Start Earning Affiliate Money

President and Founder, Kathy Cunningham, was among the presenters in this week’s Podcast Palooza. She discussed her favorite points from Amy Porterfield’s: Online Marketing Made Easy Podcast, Ep. 223 How to Start Earning Affiliate Money with Pat Flynn. This episode…

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Kathy-Cunningham Super Bowl Commercial

2019 Super Bowl Commercial Roundup

Kathy Cunningham, founder of AM Strategies, plays Monday morning quarterback for the Super Bowl Commercial roundup on the morning news stations. Watch her live appearance  HERE.  They cost upwards of 5 million dollars - so what makes a good Super Bowl…

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EP.19 Show Runner – Margarita Wilder

•Margarita, Spanish language broadcast communication SVP and General Manager, Entravision• Running one of the largest Spanish language TV stations in the country, Margarita represents the 16 percent of TV station managers that are women. This media maven sits at the…

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