Great Taglines Made Easy!

In the world of advertising, powerful taglines are critical to building a strong brand. Sometimes called a slogan, or unique selling proposition, a tagline is a short phrase or group of words that capture the essence of your brand. While taglines are most often seen at the bottom of an print ad or at the end of a TV commercial, they’re actually the foundation that you build your advertising messaging on To be effective, taglines must be memorable, persuasive, differentiating and inspiring.

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In looking at recent viewing trends across screens, one thing remains constant: the amount of traditional TV and digital content we consume is increasing. It just goes to show that no matter how busy our lives might get, we always seem to find the time to watch the content that appeals to us. 

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New Facebook “graph search” takes networking to a whole new level

It seems Facebook has birthed a new addition into the social media family we all know and love – a beta search engine called “graph search”. If you’re a social media guru, this exciting development could make your Facebook experience much more simplistic, with precise search results allowing you to find who/what you’re searching for – easily!

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Social Media 101: Building Customer Trust!

“When you deliver something unexpected… things go to a whole new level”

These days, one of the hottest buzzwords in marketing is “social media”.  It seems that this “social media” somehow, perhaps wishfully, offers a storehouse of people just waiting to buy  from you if only you could somehow put a leash on all of them and drag them in. While “social media” does offer some marketing opportunities, there are also issues with how to successfully handle it.  Many of the difficulties/challenges start with the name itself:  “social media”.  From a marketing standpoint, at what point are “social” and “media” compatible?

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