Penguin 2.0 makes content creation even more important!

If you’re doing high quality content when you’re doing SEO, then this [Penguin 2.0] shouldn’t be a big surprise. You shouldn’t have to worry about a lot of different changes.Matt Cutts, head of the webspam team at Google

Watch this informative video regarding the new release of Penguin 2.0. Marketers will be especially interested in the new technology for it’s ability to reveal black hat link building techniques. If you haven’t begun content marketing – now’s the time! The new Google Penguin 2.0 makes content the most important asset to SEO.

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Facebook has approximately 1.1 billion monthly active users and generated a whopping $50.9 billion dollars in revenue last year alone. If you find Facebook to be an intimidating advertising platform with too many options, know that you are not alone. The ever-evolving social media network has over 27 advertising options available to marketers. Facebook’s Director of Engineering and Design for Ads confirmed in an interview that “The No. 1 complaint of most advertisers was that it was too complicated to figure out which ads to use.”

The great news is that Facebook recently announced that they would be simplifying their advertising formats. Over the next 6 months, the advertising options will be reduced by more than half. A few formats that may be cut include “sponsored stories”, “questions” and “online offers.” While these products may not be phased out completely, they will not be available as a stand-alone product.

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QR Code 101

We have all seen these square looking bar codes plastered on all kinds of marketing materials from point of purchase to TV spots. QR codes or “quick response codes” are square bar codes that translate into a text string when scanned by a smartphone with a QR code reader. They can be used to direct a scanner to a webpage, online video, or even launch specific actions on your phone. But many marketers are now asking if QR codes are an effective way of reaching out to their customers. Like the goal with any technology they make our lives easier, or at least try to. They ideally give us relevant information quickly and efficiently. But like with any new marketing medium it can be misused and render the approach as ineffective. Many people say that the use of QR codes is dying out. We may be inclined to agree simply because of the ineffective way so many advertisers use it now. Just ask the guys at WTF QR codes. The lack of content or reward for scanning has left many with a bad attitude toward QR codes. A lot of the negativity toward QR codes are directed at those who use them poorly and, as a result, splashes over to those who use them well. However, if done correctly you can personally speak to a unique segment of your target audience who are willing to engage with your brand. So today we will go through some ways to improve the effectiveness of QR codes and give you some suggestions on how to use them properly.

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At Advanced Marketing Strategies we are always striving to increase our clients results, which means we need to top ourselves each year! Continuing to show real increases is the result of the passion and competitiveness our team has for this business.

We start by creating a new strategic marketing and advertising plan for the year. This means tearing apart all the past results, diving into the competitive environment, studying the economic forces, and crystallizing the goals and objectives. We mix and mold and push and prod until we have an integrated media mix that maximize impact and stretches budgets beyond imaginations.

 We thrive on excelling and continuing to climb to the next level of success through results – that’s why we love what we do, that’s why our clients win too.

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Inbound Marketing Guidelines

The 6 steps of inbound marketing

Inbound marketing is now a vital part of most business models. But most businesses are not doing it right! When done properly – you will grow your customer relationships, increase sales and build your brand! Take a look at our guidelines for success below – then GET A FREE ANALYSIS!

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Advanced Marketing Strategies Innovation Blog: PINTEREST

It’s been a long time since I have been this excited about an Innovation! And it seems I’m not the only one. The hottest “wow” innovation is the new Social Networking site Pinterest. This site is basically a social visual pinboard. Each individual has their own Pinterest Pinboard or Pinboards. You can have various categories of boards. For example: Art, Architecture, Crafts, Fashion, etc. You choose what you want to post a picture of, and each picture is (hopefully) linked to the site where you found it. It is a veritable picture book of cool, inspiring, thought provoking ideas! Being the visual person I am – this site is a goldmine of inspiration for me, and it looks like, 11.5 million others so far! And, they are growing fast – up 3 million this month! Interestingly 97% of those users are woman. This could be the next big thing for advertisers. Since 80% of consumer decisions are made by woman!  Currently companies can post alongside real people. But this is sure to change once everyone jumps on to this “sure to flourish” bandwagon.

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11 Greatest Marketing Campaigns

Advertising has been around since the printing press was invented back in 1480. But not all ad campaigns capture the undying attention of consumers. Here are just a few of our favorites compiled by Lauren Sorensen and Michele Marlo.

1. Volkswagen: Think Small

Many marketing and advertising professionals like to call this campaign the gold standard. Created by a legendary advertising group at Doyle Dane & Bernbach in 1960, the campaign set out to answer one question: How do you change peoples’ perceptions about not only a product, but about an entire group of people?

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