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Cruising down the historic San Diego Gaslamp Quarter in an all-new Nissan Sentra, with the iconic Coronado Bridge towering in the background, a woman looks at her passenger. A strikingly handsome man smiles back at her as the picturesque San Diego skyline serves as the backdrop in this dream scenario. Suddenly, her hands come off the wheel and she is transported away finding herself alone with her tablet in-hand.

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Lean and Mean Beats the Fat Cat Boutiques!

Why should the Fortune 500 get all the great counsel?

What if you could have the same professionals that worked on marketing and advertising campaigns for major brands like: IKEA, General Motors, Bekins, Lazy Boy, Sunny Delight, Reynolds, Pet Supply Warehouse, Henry’s Marketplace, Minute Maid, BlockBuster and more? Without the big fancy agency price!

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Advanced Marketing Strategies Innovation Blog: PINTEREST

It’s been a long time since I have been this excited about an Innovation! And it seems I’m not the only one. The hottest “wow” innovation is the new Social Networking site Pinterest. This site is basically a social visual pinboard. Each individual has their own Pinterest Pinboard or Pinboards. You can have various categories of boards. For example: Art, Architecture, Crafts, Fashion, etc. You choose what you want to post a picture of, and each picture is (hopefully) linked to the site where you found it. It is a veritable picture book of cool, inspiring, thought provoking ideas! Being the visual person I am – this site is a goldmine of inspiration for me, and it looks like, 11.5 million others so far! And, they are growing fast – up 3 million this month! Interestingly 97% of those users are woman. This could be the next big thing for advertisers. Since 80% of consumer decisions are made by woman!  Currently companies can post alongside real people. But this is sure to change once everyone jumps on to this “sure to flourish” bandwagon.

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