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2020 Super Bowl Commercial Roundup

Kathy Cunningham, Founder & President of Advanced Marketing Strategies, illuminates the effective techniques the BEST COMMERCIALS use as she weighs in on the 2020 Super Bowl commercials live on the morning news. Watch her interview on KUSI News below:…

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Image Of The Tik Tok Logo With Text Overlayed On Top

Tik Tok: The New Frontier!

Tik Tok, an app that has perplexed many advertisers and consumers alike, continues to grow in popularity. Is it worth your time to download? Is it worth the time for advertisers to learn to use? In their latest Podcast Palooza…

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Communication Strategies For Results!


After several of our staff read our AM Strategies “Book of the Month” FIERCE CONVERSATIONS, by Susan Scott, we decided to write about it in more depth and summarize the wonderful content for our followers. Why? Well, communication is what…

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