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Story-telling is the foundation of how we identify ourselves relative to one another. Stories of gods and warriors inspire our worldviews. Stories of our ancestors and our land dictate our culture. Stories of dumb things our friends do on the…

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Local Sponsorship Marketing

People want to do business with companies that care! How are you connecting to your community? In recent years, there has been a huge trend in local sponsorship, charity tie-ins and companies connecting to the communities where they do business.…

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The Power of Segmentation

As a business owner you may ask, "how important is segmentation and should I try to understand it?!" Segmentation is an important business strategy that should be taken into consideration quite seriously. Organizations must succinctly manage market segmentation strategies and…

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The Use of Augmented Reality in Marketing

Augmented Reality (AR) is the technology that allows users to have an interactive experience with a digitized version of the real world that includes “augmented” objects. The real world objects are displayed computerized through the use of smartphone cameras, and…

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What is Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC)? You may ask yourself what is IMC and should I be interested?  Integrated Marketing Communications, otherwise known as IMC, is the process of unifying all communication and messaging across various channels. IMC is important…

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